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7-Chakra Scan Intuitive Reading

This is a unique opportunity to receive messages from your 7 main energy centers.

I will use my intuitive abilities to scan and read each of your 7 main Chakras and take notes, recording all information that comes through via clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant means.

Possible messages may include such information as how each Chakra's energy feels (open/closed, high/low, balanced/imbalanced); what each Chakra has to "say" or wants you to know; there may be Angel or Spirit Guide activity; there may be Mediumship interaction.

*I do not control what type of messages come through. I am merely a conduit for such energy to present itself.  Each session is unique to you personally, and unique to the time the session is received.

These messages can be quite useful in raising your awareness of your energy field and what is happening within it.  This awareness alone can begin to shift your energy for the better, assisting and/or activating your natural healing response.  This information is also quite helpful in knowing where any imbalances lie and where to employ further healing via Energy Healing and/or Intuitive Readings, etc.  Further healing and/or readings are scheduled and charged separately from your 7-Chakra Scan Intuitive Reading appointment. 

Because I take detailed notes during your session, this service is offered remotely (distance) rather than in person or live.  You will receive my detailed notes via email, and the time it takes to write and send your notes is incorporated into your appointment time.

7-Chakra Scan Intuitive Readings are offered in 90 Minute blocks (60 Min. session plus time to write and email your personalized results).

90 Min. (60 Min. session)  $100

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