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Access Bars is an Energy balancing and healing modality in which the practitioner uses a very light touch to hold points on the receiver's head, each corresponding to a specific concept as illustrated in the diagram below.  We all have beliefs, opinions, thought patterns and preconceived ideas that may not serve our Highest Good.  These patterns can block us from feeling our best, be it mentally, physically, emotionally, or Spiritually.  Such blocks can hold us back in life, love, work, relationships and so on.  Receiving an Access Bars session, or "having your Bars run" can assist in reducing the impact of such patterns and  can even reset or open up your ideas and beliefs about these concepts, so you may form healthier, new thought patterns, in essence paving the way for a new outlook on life.  If, like me, you have a mile-a-minute monkey mind, having your Bars run can quiet those racing thoughts and allow you to be much more calm, present, aware, conscious and focused.

Access Bars sessions are received in person, with the receiver lying comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed, minus shoes, eyeglasses, belts, ties, scarves, watch, etc.

*~Please contact me for further details and to schedule your in person Access Bars session~* 

Access Bars is offered in 60 and 90 Minute blocks.

60 Min. (30-45 Min. session) $75

90 Min. (60-75 Min. session) $100

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