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Akashic Records Readings may be received in person, by live video chat, or email (not live).  I use my Intuitive abilities to connect with your Akashic Records to assist you in healing emotional, physical, and Spiritual blocks that may be holding you back in life, work, love, happiness, relationships, etc.  Questions should be formed in such a way that the answers are not a simple Yes or No.  The Akashic Records are a therapeutic approach to wisdom, awareness and healing.  They are not for "psychic" type inquiries.  Other opportunities available while consulting your Akashic Records include Past Life information pertinent to your chosen question(s) or topic(s) being explored, and Mediumship connection to loved one(s) who have passed on. Please note that I do not control what information and Spirits come through.  Together we receive from your Akashic Records with open hearts and minds.  You are welcome to take notes and/or record our Reading on your own device.

*~Please contact me for further details and to schedule your personal session with your Akashic Records~* 

Readings are offered in 60 and 90 Minute appointment blocks.

60 Min. (30-45 Min. Reading)  $75

90 Min. (60-75 Min. Reading)  $100

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