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I AM WORTH IT Wellness Package

This is a special, discounted offer for those ready to make their healing a priority and commit to their own well being!

YOUR Wellness Package includes twelve (12) 90 Minute appointments, pre-paid, pre-scheduled (giving you priority scheduling) in which you can decide upon the services you'd like to receive at each appointment (see Services section for details on each choice).

Choose your own appointment frequency/interval, from a minimum of 1x per month over 12 months or more often over a shorter period of time, if you'd like!

 This is a significant commitment for both client and practitioner. A signed agreement is required for this service offering.  Please contact me for more details and a copy of your Wellness Package agreement terms.

12  90 Minute appointments normally $100 each ($1200 investment) DISCOUNTED PRICE:  $888

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