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Red Light Therapy at Infinite Being Healing arts is applied to the body with the intention to facilitate the healing of an acute/physical injury, a viral infection, a bacterial infection, a scar, a chronic injury, an illness or disease, and healing before/after surgery.  This is done by applying the small, hand held Red Light to the area of the body where the injury, illness, or surgery has occurred, or by applying Red Light to particular Acupressure points on the body that, according to Chinese Medicine, correspond to the condition or part of the body in need of healing.  There are also Acupressure points to promote general wellness.  The Red Light is held in place for a very short time (between 10-30 seconds). The light is not hot (gets warm on certain settings), and does not, in my experience, cause pain during a session.  I have used this on myself and others to relieve neck pain, shoulder stiffness, inflammation, acne, sinus pressure, earache and a tooth infection.  There are Acupressure points prescribed for a vast array of physical and mental/emotional conditions.  I will teach you which points you can continue to work with at home, by tapping or rubbing them to further facilitate your healing; or you may opt out of the Red Light application and I can simply rub, tap, or run Energy (such as Reiki or Quantum Healing) to the prescribed Acupressure points while in session.  Please read the information to the right for further explanation of how the Red Light works.  It can be used safely with people and animals as well.

*~Please contact me for further details and to schedule your Red Light and/or Acupressure session~* 

Red Light/ Acupressure sessions are offered in 60 Minute blocks (30-45 Min. session) at the price of              $75

Red Light/Acupressure techniques may be incorporated into other Energy Healing session (such as Reiki, etc.) free of charge.

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