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Reiki Level Four- Master Teacher Certification Instruction:

If you are interested in learning to become a Reiki Master Teacher in a group setting, private instruction, or self study (with in person review, attunements and practice) please contact me. 


I look forward to sharing this Master Teacher wisdom and skill set with you!

You will learn:  Review of Reiki Levels 1, 2 and 3; The path of the Reiki Master/Teacher; Introduction and attunement to the Attunement symbols and alternate Master symbols; How to give attunements to self, students, healing, distant; Business aspects of teaching.

In the Reiki Master/Teacher process, it is not that you master the healing art of Reiki. It is that you open yourself to a higher purpose and allow the Reiki energy to master you. As with any attunement, changes will occur in your life as you further open to all the possibilities that await you.  Reiki opens many doors.  Use your heightened intuition and awareness to discover and to guide you along the path that is divinely yours.  Class manual and certification included.

Tuition including manual and certificate:  $300

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