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Reiki Level Three-Advanced Practitioner certification instruction:

Please contact me if you are interested in learning Reiki III in a group setting, private instruction or self study (with in person review, attunement, and practice).

I look forward to sharing this advanced level of Reiki wisdom and skill set with you!

You will learn: Introduction and Attunement to Master symbol; Reiki Moving Meditation; Introduction to crystals and stones; Aura Clearing; Paired healing practice; Mastership preparation.  

The Advanced Reiki attunement will provide more access to healing abilities. You will find the energies being channeled have intensified.  More changes will occur in your life as you become enlightened to all of the possibilities that await you.  This level will prepare you emotionally and spiritually for the Master/Teacher level, should you choose to pursue it.  Class manual and certification is included.

Tuition including manual and certificate:  $250

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