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Sun Lamps are often used as sources of bright light during the fall and winter months. Some people use them on overcast days at any time of the year, or when their schedules or surroundings do not allow much exposure to natural sunlight.  It is well researched that sun lamps can be helpful in cases of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  It is recommended that sun lamps be used in the morning, as doing so later in the day may disturb sleep.

At Infinite Being Healing Arts, the sun lamp is positioned on a stand near you or in front of you, so that the light shines onto your face, with your eyes open.  It is not necessary to look directly into the light.  It can be used (free) while we converse, conduct a Reading together, or as a stand alone session while you read, write, sip a beverage, check your emails, social media, etc. (at the price listed below). Contacts and eyeglasses may be worn, but heavily tinted glasses may block some of the light.

Sunbox brand sun lamp utilizes a "spectrally transparent prismatic diffuser that blocks UV" and "does not filter the quality of light".

*~Please contact me for further details and to schedule your Sun Lamp Therapy session~* 

Sun Lamp Therapy sessions are offered in 60 Minute blocks (30-45 Min. session) for the price of                 $75

Sun Lamp Therapy may be incorporated into other Energy Healing sessions (such as Reiki, etc.) free of charge.

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